What is an on-site solar assessment?

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Assess, process, possess.

Solar necessity differs from household to household.

Therefore, it’s important to understand what suits your requirements.

Unless we inspect the installation site, it’s difficult to come up with an ideal solution for you.

First assess, then process. That’s what an on-site solar assessment does for you.

Well, it’s the first step towards determining the solar requisite for a house. Experienced and certified assessors visit you.

We examine the location and answer all your queries.

Additionally, we’ll conduct an energy analysis, giving recommendations for improvements.

We evaluate every aspect in detail before presenting a comprehensive report. A thorough inspection of the site, energy usage, size recommendations, estimate and benefits.

Let’s probe further.

  • Perfect Place
    Location is key for solar installations. Experts conduct a shading analysis to determine the most ideal spot for setting up the solar. It includes the amount of time the solar receives sunlight daily. Depending on the place, the electrical and thermal output will vary. This analysis helps you decide on the most accurate location. That’s the one that provides maximum energy output. They also study the solar access to see how it will vary with changing weather conditions.

  • Mount Count
    Solar systems require a prescribed amount of space. They come with various mounting options. The assessors will examine if you can place the equipment on rooftops. Else, they come up with alternative solutions. They will then check if the solar requires ground or pole mounts.

  • Energy Consumption
    Energy usage is a variable factor. It depends on household appliances, HVAC systems, lighting and electrical points. Depending on the load, you can customize the solar solutions. It will ensure your solar installation can take the burden. It will be energy efficient too.

  • Money Matters
    The cost will differ based on the need for a household. Going by your energy usage, the assessor gives you an estimate. It’s for a solar system that’s tailor-made for your household.

  • Overall Incentives
    Solar is gaining popularity across Australia. This initiative has the support of the government as well. Local, state, and federal policies offer rebates and incentives for solar installations. The on-site assessor gives you detailed information about the benefits you can avail. This will reduce your investment and running costs accordingly.

  • Financial Analysis
    This assessment also helps you determine your return on investment. Through net metering concept, you can soon start making money. The analysis gives you an outline as to how long it would take for you to avail financial benefits as well. Bang for buck, indeed!

An on-site assessment helps you choose the optimal solar for your household. It gives you an analysis of site suitability, cost, consumption and other variables.

Assessors also inspect the surroundings and study the weather conditions of your locality.

This assessment helps you decide if the process is viable and affordable.

You then process and possess the ideal solar equipment for your household.

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