Solar Battery Systems For Hervey Bay

Here are a selection of the home battery storage solutions we supply and install. We install high quality, efficient battery systems from only the best brands such as Tesla, GoodWe, SolarEdge and our very own Solahart PowerStore. Our battery storage systems are suitable for new home builds as well as existing homes.

This page provides key information on each of the battery systems we install. 

Take advantage of our free in-home solar assessment. Our in-home solar assessments ensure you receive an accurate quote on a battery system that meets your needs. We pride ourselves on accurate quotes without any hidden extras.


Solahart Hervey Bay is a Certified Installer
of the Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla PowerWall supplied by Solahart.

Energy Bank

The SolarEdge Energy Bank battery has been designed with performance, safety and maximum energy efficiency in mind.

SolarEdge Home Battery Solahart

GoodWe Lynx
Home Battery

Scalable, efficient
home solar battery

GoodWe Lynx home solar battery


Scalable, large capacity for single and three phase homes and businesses

GoodWe Lynx F-Series High Voltage Battery - Home Solar Battery from Solahart


World leading smart technology developed,
designed and built in Australia

Solahart PowerStore from Solahart

benefits of solar battery storage systems

Batteries allow you to store your excess solar energy and use it when you need instead of sending it to the grid. At night time, when your solar PV system is not producing power, you can use battery power to run your home, and in the event of a power outage, some batteries can provide you with back-up power.

At Solahart Hervey Bay, we install and recommend only the highest quality battery storage systems from SolarEdge, Tesla and GoodWe for the most efficient energy storage.

Optimising Solar Power

Excess solar energy produced during the day is sold back to the retailer for a fraction of what home owners pay. Now energy storage systems will enable home owners to store their excess energy and use it at peak times, like late afternoon. This increases self consumption of solar energy and improves the return from a solar power system.

Backup Power

Energy storage systems can be configured to provide backup power in the event of an outage. Home owners can choose to run their whole house, or configure essential circuits – like lights, fridges, security, fire alarms, internet or medical equipment. This is perfect for people in remote or unreliable power areas or for those who can’t risk losing power.

Peak Shaving

Almost all energy providers offer time of use tariffs. These tariffs charge a premium for energy during peak times, like the middle of the day in summer, while offering lower rates during non peak times. Energy storage systems enable homes to purchase and store energy at non peak times and use it at peak times, reducing their energy costs.

Frequently asked questions about solar battery systems

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about battery storage. If you have a question that is not answered below or would like further information, please get in touch with us today. We’re more than happy to provide helpful information about all things solar.

Solahart Hervey Bay is a Certified Installer of Tesla Powerwall 2, SolarEdge, GoodWe and BYD Batteries.

All are available through Solahart Hervey Bay.


The storage capacity of batteries vary by model. We are more than happy to explain the differences and help you assist which product would best suit your own circumstances.

Click here to book a free on-site appointment.


Solahart Hervey Bay can supply you with a Battery Ready PV system which enables a battery to be installed at a later date.

We can discuss this in detail at the in-home solar assessment.

Yes however there may be certain design restrictions based on your current system. 

Solahart Hervey Bay can assess your current solar power system, even if we didn’t install it, and determine the most suitable options for batteries.

For residential installations, we offer a great finance plan which makes the switch to solar easier with flexible payment plans.

We also accept cash, cheque and credit card payments.

For more information on our finance options, click here.

The money you save by installing a solar battery such as Tesla Powerwall depends on your individual energy generation and consumption.

We’re able to calculate that for you. Click here to book an in-home appointment.

The solar batteries installed by Solahart Hervey Bay are rated for installation indoors or outdoors.

We can help you assess the optimal location in your property.


Your trusted solar installer

Solar power installation in Nikenbah by Solahart Hervey Bay
Yes, we have had a great experience with Solahart. Very efficient service around.

Trevor & Carole

FROM Nikenbah

Consultant: Gilly Millard
December 2023
Solar power installation in Wondunna by Solahart Hervey Bay


FROM Wondunna

Consultant: Gilly Millard
December 2023
Solar power installation in Tinana by Solahart Hervey Bay
Very professional and the job was completed in the timeframe promised. Worked in very well with the roof repairer to provide a hassle-free experience. Great work!


FROM Tinana

Consultant: Brad Stanton
November 2023
Solar power installation in Urangan by Solahart Hervey Bay
I give high praise to the tradesmen that installed the unit. They were professional and completed the job no problem. Communication was lacking with regards to scheduling and confirmation of installation.


FROM Urangan

Consultant: Brad Stanton
November 2023
Solar power installation in Rainbow Beach by Solahart Hervey Bay
We were very happy with the service and information given to us throughout the entire ordering and installation of our system

Phillip & Maree

FROM Rainbow Beach

Consultant: Brad Stanton
November 2023
Solar power installation in Urangan by Solahart Hervey Bay
Great service arrived when stated. Very happy with installation


FROM Urangan

Consultant: Gilly Millard
November 2023
Solar power installation in Urraween by Solahart Hervey Bay
I am very pleased with solahart and their services Therefore I will strongly recommend Solahart to all my friends I h I have at least 3-4 years experience with Solahart, in Cypress street, my daughter Miranda in Andersen street and my other daughter( who passed away in Dec. 2021) in Baulkham Hills And my friends Dr Gautami, Maya Medical There feed back was always positive regarding Solahart And I myself have had always a outstanding experience with Gilly Millard We are very very satisfied with Solahart and their services


FROM Urraween

Consultant: Gilly Millard
November 2023
Solar power installation in Point Vernon by Solahart Hervey Bay
Solarhart were extremely easy to deal with. They were friendly and professional throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you Solarhart for your service.


FROM Point Vernon

Consultant: Brad Stanton
November 2023
Solar power installation in Yengarie by Solahart Hervey Bay


FROM Yengarie

Consultant: Gilly Millard
November 2023
Solar power installation in Walligan by Solahart Hervey Bay
Great service and friendly staff


FROM Walligan

Consultant: Brad Stanton
November 2023
Solar power installation in Granville by Solahart Hervey Bay


FROM Granville

Consultant: Gilly Millard
October 2023
Solar power installation in Tinana by Solahart Hervey Bay
They were a great group of guys explained everything


FROM Tinana

Consultant: Brad Stanton
October 2023

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