Benefits of Solar Hot Water over Gas & Electricity Hot Water Systems

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Going solar has become extremely popular.

People are gradually making the solar shift. We can attribute it to many reasons.

Energy-efficiency, environmental-friendly, low running costs, and many more. It applies to solar hot water systems as well.

That’s the reason many prefer investing in solar heating systems to gas or electric ones.

Why install solar hot water systems?

Consumers have plenty to choose from. With an overload of options at their disposal, they are spoilt for choice.

When it comes to hot water systems, they can opt for solar, gas or electric ones.

In each of these categories, there are many variables in terms of size, cost, and usage. So why does one turn to solar as their first preference?

Let’s have a look.


    • Bill benefitsThere’s an upsurge of electricity prices not only in Down Under but also across the world. It’s ridiculously high and people are finding it difficult to pay their bills.
      Hot water systems have become a necessity in an Australian household. These consume a lot of energy.
      Installing a gas or electric heater will further increase your costs. This will only add on to your woes.
      Solar hot water systems bring down these bills to a great extent.
      As the name suggests, they derive energy from the Sun.
      This energy gets stored and utilized to heat water in your household or business firm.


    • Low maintenanceIt’s a common perception that solar systems are expensive.
      They are however, a worthy investment, as they require little or no maintenance. There are solar options available in every budget.
      When it comes to solar, you invest once and stay hassle-free.
      Their durability is extremely high with hardly any added cost. Bang for the buck!


    • Eco-friendlyLet’s stop polluting the environment. It’s payback time. We can do justice to nature by bringing about an eco-friendly change in our lifestyle.
      Shifting to solar is one such initiative.
      It reduces your carbon footprint as well.
      Gas and electric heaters utilise non-renewable energy.
      However, solar thrive on renewable energy.

    • Uninterrupted supply The Sun doesn’t go on a holiday or take leaves.
      It goes about its business without fail. So solar energy is available at all times.
      This ensures there’s no lack of hot water in your house. Gas heaters are dependent on a regular gas supply or in some cases, gas cylinders that require replacement s from time to time. Electric heaters won’t work during power shut down. With solar, these issues can be easily resolved.
      It guarantees uninterrupted hot water supply, 24×7. One cannot ask for more!


Choosing a solar hot water system has its perks.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, there’s an added incentive as well.

You can enjoy rebates from the Australian Government.

Many national, state-level and local policies are in place to promote solar usage.

It’s time to put your money to good use.

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